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Why Website Dojo?

For the Martial Artist, by The Martial Artist

  • The same website we use to market & grow our 5 test schools

Always Improving So Your Website Will Never Be Outdated

  • Continuously evolving, growing and improving platform designed from the ground up by the company founders

Fully Customized Design To Represent Your School’s Uniqueness

  • All Stock Photos can be replaced with your own photos
  • Default Text Content & Color Schemes are Fully Customizable

A Student Section That Will Save You Lots of Time

  • Password Protected Student Section allows you to post schedules and materials you usually would have to print out.
  • Post announcements on your student area blog & event calendar

Monitor Your Website’s Performance

  • Realtime SEO Ranking Reports show your Local Search Engine Rankings on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • Realtime Website Traffic Statistics Included in Admin show the number of visitors & the keywords they used to find you

Social Media Integration

  • Facebook & Instagram Feeds Integrated on Website
  • Coming Soon: Facebook Messenger Integration directly from website

Access To Edit Website Content With An Easy To Use Interface

  • Complete Content Management System allows you to edit and Update Trial Offers, Content & Student Section

We Are Always Here To Help You With Updates

  • Unlimited Design & Tech Support included

Market Consistently Online & Offline

  • 25% Discount on All Print Marketing Products, which we can design to match your website graphics.

The Most Customizable Martial Arts Website Solution
in the Industry

Your school is not "just like all the rest," so why would you agree on having your logo and address slapped on a template and call it a wrap?

For the busy martial arts school owner wanting to sign up and get up and running with little or no involvement, we can auto-pilot the design process until we show you a proof in about 2 weeks time. We can then get the site launched upon approval, and revisit any time you wish to make additional design customizations for no additional fees.

For the busy martial arts school owner wanting to sign up and get up and running with little or no involvement, we can auto-pilot the design process until we show you a proof in about 2 weeks time. We can then get the site launched upon approval, and revisit any time you wish to make additional design customizations for no additional fees.

For the Client wanting their site as personalized as possible, we will create custom color themes and graphics, and replace any (or all!) stock photos with your own Instructor and Student photos. Also all the content can be customized, either prior to launch or any time after.

Have a photographer coming to shoot your school in 3 months? No need to wait to sign up. When you receive your photos, book a session with one of our team members and we will handle all the changes for you.

Digital Marketing is our passion.

We study and keep up with all the latest Online Marketing trends so that you don’t have to.

While our competition keeps dishing out the same websites they were offering 5 years ago, some of our clients that have been with us the longest have gotten yearly refreshes on their websites always having the latest features and design layouts we offer.

We are currently working on many upgrades rolling out in 2017 including advanced email marketing capabilities in our School Owner section of the Content Management System, Additional Design Themes to choose from, a completely redesigned Trial Module, and much more! As our product grows, we occasionally raise prices to NEW CLIENTS ONLY, existing clients are grandfathered in at their original rate.

Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized Websites

Our websites are completely Mobile Optimized and responsive. Upon launch we create a Google Webmasters Tool account for your website, and make sure it is perfectly optimized for Google & Search Engines.

Email Automation Sequences Follow Up Your Leads

Upon request, our forms can be linked to email sequences that enable you to follow up with your leads in case you were not able to reach them, reminding them to schedule their first class.

Optimized for Conversion Tracking & Remarketing 

Website Dojo is setup to accept all conversion tracking and remarketing codes from Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads, or any other kind of online advertising platform. This allows you to have detailed targeting options and analytics.

Connect Leads to KickSite & Rainmaker Software

Our platform is setup to connect to the popular CRMs KickSite and Rainmaker. When a form is filled out on your website, the lead is tagged and fed into your CRM software solution. More integrations are in progress!

All Hosting Costs & Domain Email Included With Your Website

When you launch your site by Website Dojo, you can discontinue your current hosting payments. We'll also set up domain email if requested, for no additional fees.

Offer Paid or Free Trials (Or Both!) At No Extra Costs

Our trial offers are completely customizable! You'll have the option to include up to two paid or free trials that can easily be updated at any time. Whenever a client signs up for a paid trial offer, the funds go directly from your website into your account.

The only martial arts website platform that includes a custom built CMS (Content Management System)

For the Martial Arts School owner that wants to be hands on, Website Dojo is the most versatile solution on the market. a) You can either never have to mess with it yourself, and just place a request to one of our Team Members and we will handle any edit requests you might have; Or: b) You can access the back end (Content Management System = CMS) with a simple username and password any time and quickly:

  • Update your online special offers;
  • Edit any text on any of your pages;
  • Make edits or additions to your Staff Members;
  • Check your Leads Section to make sure you didn't miss any email notifications & follow-ups;

Real Time Website Analytics & SEO Statistics Reports

  • Check your Website Traffic Site Statistics to find out how many visitors your site is receiving (updates in real time);
  • Check your local SEO Keywords that our software tracks for you to find out where you are ranked on Google, Yahoo & Bing against up to 5 of your local competitors, seeing how many positions each keyword has gained or lost since the last scan (updates every Monday);

Introducing DojoCart: Create Stand-alone checkout pages to promote events & products and collect payments directly on the page

NEW! DojoCart is a landing page module that integrates with your Website Dojo payment processor, and allows you to create event & product check out pages. Create Tournament & Event Signup Pages, Generate Flash Sales on Social Media, Sell Pro-Gear items, all within the Website Dojo Content Management System. ($49/mo addl.)


When switching to Website Dojo, do I get to keep my domain?

Can Website Dojo connect to martial arts / billing software?

How long before my new website will be ready to launch?

When a prospect fills out a form, how do I receive my leads?

Does Website Dojo require a lengthy contract or commitment?

Can photos of my students & staff replace stock photos?

On average, how many leads can I expect to get a month?

Why should I trust Website Dojo with my website?

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Leaders for Life Martial Arts

"I was an early adopter of the Website Dojo Martial Arts Website platform when it launched, and have been doing business with Indro & Printing Dojo since they first started in 2007. Over the years, as my business has evolved and grown, Indro has bent over backwards to always make it possible for me to reach my goals in a digital marketing world that I know little about. I credit Website Dojo with helping me expand one location in my small town market in Illinois, to opening 2 schools in Houston, which is the 4th largest market in the US. I have had 3 major website upgrades since we started and in January 2017 my website generated 90 leads. We couldn’t be happier to start the year off with such an influx of new interest. I highly recommend Website Dojo to all Martial Arts School Owners wanting to take their online presence to the next level!"

Star Martial Arts

"I have no idea what we would do without Printing and Website Dojo! In our many years of using all of their services, they have gone above and beyond our expectations and even beyond what was their responsibility as a business. They have worked around the clock to meet tight deadlines due to us giving short notice on projects. I believe their products are professional, inexpensive and of good quality. Indro is constantly educating himself on new ideas and innovations for great upgraded products that serve the needs of our business. This keeps us a step above our competition. We get over 50 leads monthly online due to their work on Google Ad Words and because of this, we were able to drop almost all of our other advertising for the last year. We are so thankful for the business relationship we have with Printing and Website Dojo. Everyone should give it a try--it's well worth it!"

Olson's Martial Arts Academy

"I can't say enough about Indro & Jena and the team at Website Dojo! In January alone, our website generated 86 leads and we converted 62 of those into new members! It was a record month for us. Our office staff, sales people and instructors have been busy! Classes are full, people are learning and times are good. Before we started using Website Dojo our web leads would only be about 1 to 2 a week and I was paying much more. Also, all of our web leads are automatically entered into our Rainmaker software as prospects so they become integrated right away into our email and postcard flows. Not to mention the service is fast and the people who work there are friendly and helpful. Don't waste time and money anywhere else!"

Tina Newberry Leaders for Life MA
Melanie Birky Star Martial Arts
Amanda Olson Olson's Martial Arts

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