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Hire a Professional Digital Marketing Agency
for the Price of An Intern

Awareness - "Know"

Cold Traffic Ads Increase your School's Visibility

Engagement - "Like"

Establish Authority by Driving FB Traffic to your Website Blog

Conversion - "Trust"

Retarget Website Visitors via FB Lead Ads & Google Display Ads

Does any of this sound familiar?

You know Facebook and Google can be a source of traffic, leads & income.

You wish your website would get more leads, but there is so much information to process and you are already very busy running your school.

You know your martial arts program is good, you just need more people to find out about it and come through the doors.

Advertising your martial arts school online should not be a difficult task you handle alone.

Blog content, Facebook posts, Google Ads, Retargeting Ads, Graphic assets, seasonal marketing adjustments… these are extremely time consuming tasks, not to mention complex to learn and execute.

We can help you create a complete marketing system for your martial arts school that will not only generate awareness and increase your lead generation, but will also amplify your existing marketing efforts through the power of retargeting.

After all, your time is better spent on the mat and running your martial arts school.

If all this resonates with you, you have have finally found the solution...

Imagine hiring an invisible p/t salary employee
who works 24/7 and does the following:

Finds people who have
never heard of your

martial arts school

Discusses their problems with them & educates them about the benefits your school provides

Puts up signs on their daily route
reminding them you have the solution to their problems

It's likely that this "Invisible Salesman" might be the best hire you have ever made.

Dojo Digital Marketing creates a 360 marketing strategy by using laser targeted ads to leverage the power of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube & Instagram

Dojo Digital Marketing creates a system that walks your prospects through all the phases of the customer journey:  Awareness, Engagement, Conversion.  Our expert approach helps you turn website visitors into leads and members.

Warms Cold Traffic
(people not aware of your martial arts School) increasing Brand Awareness

Creates content on your website
that establishes you as an authority;

Retargets people that visited your site
with Lead Generating Offers;

Increases Google Traffic and Leads
via the powerful Google Ads program,

Improves your Search Engine Rankings (SEO)
by adding valuable, shareworthy content to your website.

What if I already know how to create a Facebook Ad?

Creating a Facebook Ad hoping to occasionally get an opt-in is not a marketing strategy, it is just that, creating a single ad hoping to catch a unicorn. Dojo Digital Marketing will help you create a system covering all phases of the customer journey.

What are the 3 phases of the customer journey?




Our retargeting strategy will make all your traditional marketing efforts even more effective by showing advertisements to warm audiences who have previously engaged with your content, such as having visited your website.

The Dojo Digital Marketing System:


Capitalizes on Search Intent using Google Ads
Your martial arts school will have maximum visibilty whenever a query is made on Google by showing your ads above your competition.


Creates High Converting Facebook Lead Ads for Cold Traffic
Dominate your local market with geo-targeted cold traffic ads which include integrations with our email marketing follow ups and SMS notifications. If you have a limited budget, this is where we will apply the 80/20 rule to get you get the most results for the least viable cost.


Generates Awareness via Website Traffic Ads
The number 1 problem we see martial arts websites have is lack of traffic, aka not enough website visitors. These campaigns are aimed at getting clicks from audiences in your demographics, which are triggering the follow up retargeting system every time a Facebook user clicks one of your ads on Facebook or instagram.


Retargets Website Visitors through Google Ads

If a lead does not convert the first time they visit your website, they will be retargeted for 30 days with Ads that “follow the user” and display on 3rd party Google partner websites.


Retargets Website Visitors through Facebook Ads & Instagram
The biggest challenge Facebook Ads pose is that it is very difficult to have an ad convert if shown to a “cold traffic” audience (someone who has never before seen or engaged with your advertisements). By showing your offers on Facebook only to people who have previously visited your website, we are creating a follow up system that is much more likely to convert.

What is My Investment?

In the next page you will see explanations of what you can expect to pay when you deploy a Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign using our digital marketing methods.