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Understanding Agency Pricing & Ad Budgets:

Hire a Marketing Team
for the Price of an Intern

New Campaigns & Blogs
Every Month

Ads Performance Monitored
& Adjusted Weekly

Dojo Digital

Facebook & Instagram Ads

$500/mo + ads budget

  • Done For You Facebook Ads + Retargeting
  • Instagram Retargeting
  • Blog Content Creation and Promotion
  • The Dojo Email Marketing Platform

Additional Locations:

If your martial arts school has multiple locations, each additional location will be charged as follows:

  • Location #2-#5: + $500 x location
  • Location #6 and every location after: + $300 x location

** Schools need to be within 10 miles apart to receive above pricing

Ad Budgets:

You will be paying your ad budgets to Facebook and Google directly.
Our recommended budgets are as follows:

Lead Generation / Cold Traffic Ads 

$50/day - 10 days a month min. (required)

These ads are geo-targeted to give your martial arts school maximum visibility. We test different creatives and run different monthly promotions. If your budget only allows for one type of ad, this is the one.

Traffic / Awareness $10/day min.

(optional, budget allowing)

Creating content of interest for potential prospects, to have them leave the Facebook platform and arrive to your website.

Retargeting $5/day min.

(optional, budget allowing)

Creating conversion Lead Ads that follow people that visited your website.

$500/mo min.

Google bills you only when an ad is clicked. For example, with a maximum cost per click of $2, receiving a $500 monthly charge from Google would mean your website received a minimum of 250 extra visits. Monthly budgets can be limited.

$100/mo min.

These are the ads that “follow” people that visited your website. The costs per click are substantially lower than ads that appear on Google Searches.
Monthly budgets can be limited.

$300/mo min.

Description coming soon

Included in FB Budget

Instagram Ads are included with all Facebook Ads.

Below are some examples of how
your Facebook Ad budget might be distributed if a client wanted to limit their monthly FB Ads budget to not exceed $750:

Facebook Lead Ads / Cold traffic ads: $50/day for 10 days = $500
One of our latest campaigns generated 107 leads in 10 days. We recommend 10 days minimum, because we know that when your inbox is exploding with leads and you are getting new members, you WILL want to continue.

Website Traffic Ads / Awareness Ads: $10/day for 10 days = $100/mo
These are the ads we create on Facebook to drive people to your website, such as an ad promoting a blog post or an offer.

Facebook Retargeting: Each Ad $5/day = $150/mo x Ad
These are the ads that follow website visitors that visited your website on the Facebook Platform. 

An ideal retargeting campaign would have 3 ads each requiring a $5 daily budget

  1. An awareness ad ("About My School" introduction video)
  2. A children martial arts offer for website visitors who visited the kids section of your website
  3. An adult martial arts offer for website visitors who visited the adult programs section of your website

If your budget only allows one retargeting campaign at $5 per day ($150/mo) one generic Conversion ad would show to all your website visitors.

What About Results…
How Many Leads Can I Expect?

Rather then ask how many leads you will get, the question to ask should be:

“What can I expect to pay per lead?“

The truth is no company can guarantee a number of leads in good faith. However, due to fact your ad budget gets spent as people engage & click your ads, the higher the budget, the higher the amount of leads. For example, you only pay Google each time someone clicks one of your ads after they searched for a martial arts term.

Overall, at our agency we strive to get our clients $10 leads. This is not always possible due to a variety of circumstances like geographic location and competition, but that is why having an agency working on your ads is a powerful investment: We are testing and adjusting your ads on a weekly basis to ensure that you are getting the maximum value out of your advertising budget.

What is the Lifetime Value of
One of your Members?

When evaluating whether this investment fits your budget, think of this statement.

Use this formula:
average monthly tuition  x  average retention

Can you generate 1-2 members more each month using the above strategies? We not only know you can, we KNOW you will exceed that number as long as you have a sales process in place to follow up on the leads we will generate for you.

Most of our clients see a return of investment on their Dojo Digital Marketing expense with just 1-2 members they wouldn’t have gotten other wise.

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What our clients are saying...

Dale "Apollo" Cook

Apollo’s Martial Arts

When Indro told me he could get me 100 solid leads per month, I was skeptical, but decided to trust him. So far this month (May) we have had 86 regular leads plus 46 summar camp leads, for a total of 132 total potential customers, and we still have a week to go! I can’t stay enough about how happy I am with Website Dojo results and customer service.

Melanie Birky

Star Martial Arts

I have no idea what we would do without Printing and Website Dojo! In our many years of using all of their services, they have gone above and beyond our expectations and even beyond what was their responsibility as a business. They have worked around the clock to meet tight deadlines due to us giving short

Trish Church

Church’s Martial Arts

Having proudly held the title of the number 1 school in the ATA for 15 years, I can say with confidence that my site by Website Dojo has been an important and huge part of my business plan. it has helped me with our growth bringing in new members year after year, and we have seen a big increase in leads

Tina Newberry

Leaders for Life Martial Arts

I was an early adopter of the Website Dojo Martial Arts Website platform when it launched, and have been doing business with Indro & Printing Dojo since they first started in 2007. Over the years, as my business has evolved and grown, Indro has bent over backwards to always make it possible for me to reach my goals

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