Website Dojo Marketing Partners

American Taekwondo Association

Website Dojo is the only martial arts website platform officially endorsed by the American Takwondo Association Headquarters. The ATA is one of the largest martial arts organizations in the world with almost 1,500 schools, many of which are using ATA Website Dojo as their chosen Martial Arts Website Platform.

ATA websites use ATA Headquarters authorized images and content , and have some special features only available to ATA Licensees.

If you are a ATA Licensee, please login to to find out more details!

Printing Dojo

The original Martial Arts Print Marketing Company!  Since 2007 Printing Dojo has provided marketing materials to over 1,500 Martial Arts Schools, thanks to its customizable design templates and fast turnaround on all products.  Website Dojo clients receive up to 25% discount on Printing Dojo products.  Unify your brand and marketing message by using Printing Dojo products to match your Website Dojo site!

Adidas Judo Gear USA

We are very excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with Adidas Judo Gear USA, and in the coming months will be working together to provide the Judo community with some exciting new services using the Website Dojo Platform.

If you are a Judo school wanting to find out more, head over to and request more information!

Ninja Star Photo

We have partnered up with Nina Star Photo, and many of the stock photos on Website Dojo and Printing Dojo are shots taken by Ninja Star.  If are looking to have professional photos of your students and instructors, we highly recommend you book your shoot with Ninja Star! When the photos are delivered to you, we will customize your website so that you will have the most up to date and personalized web presence.  

Website Dojo Integration Options

Using Kick Site as your Martial Arts CRM?  No problem, our platforms integrates seamlessly. Whenever a lead fills out their information on your website, the info is passed along to your Kick Site account.  

Automatically feed leads in your HubSpot CRM anytime a visitor fills out a form on Website Dojo.

We recommend Braintree Payments as our merchant service provider of choice, allowing you to process online trial payments and receive the funds directly into your bank account.  We have no affiliation, but the fact they have no monthly fees or any transaction fees on the first $50,000 processed means that there are no extra costs involved for our clients.

Forms filled out on your Website Dojo site automatically connect to your Rainmaker Account, also giving you the ability to pass along Tags.

Using Mailchimp as your Email Marketing program of choice?  Leads from Website Dojo can automatically be subscribed to any List on your Mailchimp account.

If you have an existing Merchant Account you would like to use, as long as it integrates with it can be used with Website Dojo. does have monthly fees, but check with your merchant account provider as some times they include a gateway as part of your account.

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